Why Is The Location Of Industrial Estates So Important?

The location of the industrial estate is a vital thing to consider, irrespective of the size of your business. The ideal location is the one which will help in minimising the production and distribution cost. You have to consider both geographical and non-geographical factors when choosing the location of your industries.

Woodside Industrial EstatesYou might not be capable of renting a warehouse in a prestigious industrial estate if you have a tight budget. Such being the situation, you need to ensure that the location you are opting for will fulfil all your business needs. It should be flexible enough so that you can design a suitable layout for the machinery and other equipment.

4 Things You Can Expect From The Ideal Industrial Estate Location

  • Raw Materials Availability

Determine the quantity and quality of raw materials your business needs and choose a location where it is readily available at economical prices. You will be surprised to know that the cost of raw materials is almost 50% of the total cost of the final product. Raw materials can either be localised materials or ubiquities. The latter is used to refer raw materials which are found in almost all the places irrespective of its location like clay, water and sand.

  • Supply Of Labour

Irrespective of the type of goods or services you are offering, every business requires an adequate supply of skilled labour. No wonder, business owners prefer industrial estates in Woodside which can attract labour supply easily and help them save considerably on labour costs. Even labours prefer industrial estates situated in areas which offer easy accessibility and are in close proximity to the market. If you manufacture products which are too bulky, rent a warehouse near the market and transport bulk and perishable items easily.

  • Transport And Communication

You can carry raw materials and finished products easily to the warehouse if there is economical and adequate transport services. Look for industrial estates in Dunstable which offer easy access to the motorway and is located near the London Luton Airport and Luton Mainline Station. Junction points of waterways, railways and roadways often become the centre of industrial estates. It is not only about transport services but the communication facilities are also a vital thing to consider. Business owners have to stay in touch with their consumers, suppliers and other financial institutions.

  • Climate And Geography

By geography of a location, we refer to the physical features of the area or land where your industrial estate is located. You also need to consider the climate as it impacts the work output. There are a few industries which require specific humidity and temperature to operate efficiently. For example, if you are planning to start a cotton textile mill, make sure that the industrial estate is located in an area which experiences a humid climate.

Since you now know why the location of your industrial estate is so important, it’s time you start looking for one in Dunstable.