Want Your Units-to-Let in Dunstable? Design Them Like A Pro

Not every business owner willing to rent a warehouse or unit in an industrial estate is aware of the fact that its design and layout will have a direct impact on the operation’s productivity, labour hours, picking time and safety risks. This is why not only do you have to find the most suitable industrial estate in Woodside but also design it in such a way so that it can help in optimising your productivity and ensure your safety. You can make the most of a warehouse only if you design the layout properly by following a few easy tips.

warehouse designDesign A Warehouse Layout In Woodside With 4 Easy Tips

  • Understand Your Objectives

    Even if you are too eager to start the planning process, make sure you define your objectives first. When you know the designing objectives, it will become easier for you to align it with the overall strategy of your company. The design you will craft if you want to provide maximum customer service will be entirely different from the one which will help in reducing the cost of warehousing. The objectives should be specific which can be understood by both the designer and architect.

  • Check The Local Building Codes

    There are some local building codes in some areas regarding the type and quantity of product you can store in a warehouse. If the industrial estates in Dunstable you have finalised are located in a seismic area, check whether any special design considerations will be necessary. Few of the common safety consideration are foot traffic, forklift aisles and egress paths. It will be the biggest mistake if you start planning the warehouse layout without checking the local building codes.

  • Consider How The Goods Will Circulate

    Since units-to-let in Dunstable are used to store various types of goods, you need to consider how they will circulate throughout the facility while designing its layout. A lot of movements occur in logistical operations like preparation of the order, receipt and dispatch. Since moving the loads require money, try to craft a design which will help in minimising the amount of movement requirement. This will make the design more effective.

  • Talk With Your Managers And Contractors

    Unless you have prior experience in designing warehouses and units-to-let, don’t start planning the layout straightaway. If you are willing to make a good investment, first have a talk with the warehouse manager and contractor. They have years of experience in that specific warehouse and can help you with the facility operations and planning. Discuss your requirements with them and consider their suggestions. If there is some specific layout which can have a negative impact on the warehouse operations, they will let you know about it.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and designing a suitable warehouse layout will become easier.