Renting A Unit In Dunstable? Know The Leasing Process

Though renting a unit in a warehouse looks quite simple, it is actually not so. There are various stages involved in the leasing process. The best you can do is to find an industrial estate and have a talk with its owners or the people managing it. They will let you know about the vital sections of the leasing process so that it becomes hassle-free for you. There might also be some variations to the process depending on the owner and the lease structure in that area.

Warehouse Unit leasing process5 Points To Consider When Leasing A Warehouse Unit In Dunstable

  • Agreeing Heads Of Terms

The primary objective of the Heads of Terms is to keep a written record of all the terms agreed by both the parties, including the details of the lease. Make sure no vital point is missing from the HOTs or you might fail to include them in the final lease as well. Relying on verbal promises is a strict no-no. Everything promised by the landlord or his representative both before and during the lease should be included in the HOTs.

  • Hiring Solicitors

Whether you have to hire a solicitor or not is completely dependent on how complicated the agreement you are signing is. Since no changes can be made in the lease once it has been signed, it is always advisable to get it done by professionals. Let the solicitor know all the terms agreed by both the parties and they will prepare the final lease accordingly.

  • Due Diligence

It is the complete responsibility of the warehouse owner to answer all your queries regarding the units-to-let in Dunstable. Ask them to provide you with a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate and check whether it has an E-rating or higher. You will also know that the person you are communicating with is also the owner or representative of the industrial estate.

  • Complete The KYC

The important of the Know Your Customer document should never be neglected if you want the leasing process to be hassle-free for both the parties. The primary objective of the stage is to provide genuine information about your identity and confirm it. Few of the documents you can provide during the KYC checks are a copy of the utility bill, your passport or your company’s financials.

  • Transferring Funds And Signing Documents

This is the final step of the leasing process. Go through the lease agreement and check whether you have to pay any advance rent or rent deposits. If yes, make sure that the fund is transferred through a Law Society Registered Lawyer. Keep your signatories ready as you can move into the property before signing the lease. All the documents provided with the lease should also be signed.

These being said, it’s time you consider all the points stated above and leasing a suitable warehouse unit in Dunstable will become easier.