Looking For Units-To-Let In A Suitable Site? 4 Points To Consider

If you are planning to lease an industrial unit, make sure that the units you are choosing is located in a suitable site. Though there are numerous units-to-let scattered all over Dunstable, consider all the legal and practical issues so that you can choose the right building. It should have a mature and managed environment. Poor or outdated infrastructure can impact your industry’s productivity.

24-hour on-site security, monitored CCTV, an estates office, broadband facilities and a convenience store are few of the benefits you can expect in the best industrial estate. Selecting a suitable site is as important as renting the right building. The focus should be on making the process hassle-free.

Units-to-let DunstableVital Factors To Consider When Renting Units To Let In A Suitable Site

  • Raw Material Availability

One of the primary benefits of choosing a site where raw materials are easily available is that it helps in reducing the cost of the materials. For example, if you are looking for an industrial estate for your iron and steel industry, look for a place where you can get easy availability of raw materials. You can save a lot of money if you can reduce the cost of transportation. This will further help in reducing the total manufacturing cost.

  • Distance From The Operating Power

Every industry has machinery which requires fuel to work. Gone are the days when industries used to rely on coal for power. When you choose an industrial estate with sources of operating power nearby, you can save a lot of money. Dunstable is one of the places where you can get easy access to fuel resources of power like hydro-electricity, coal and oil. Though coal is cheaper than other sources of power, they are quite bulky and the transportation costs are quite high. 

  • Proximity To The Market

Just choosing suitable units to let in Dunstable where you can manufacture your goods with ease is not sufficient. Look for a site where there is a market nearby. You can yield more profit if you can send the output directly to the ready market without worrying about high transportation costs. Setting up your industry near the market will not only help in reducing the transportation cost but also minimise wastage.

  • Labour Supplies

If you want your factory to successfully work without any interruption, select a site where you can get adequate supply of labour at reasonable wages. The workers should not only be eager to work but also possess inherited skills. Numerous industries have developed in Dunstable as there is availability of skilled labour in this town. Labours who work happily also make a positive impact on productivity.

These being said, it’s time you consider all the factors stated above and renting units to let in a suitable site will become easier for you.